View and Download Motorola Symbol LS product reference manual online. Symbol LS Barcode Reader pdf manual download. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. 17 Sep Bar Code Setups for Symbol Model LS Move from Item Product to Item Product: The following setup procedure is for quickly scanning.

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Unknown characters are characters the host does not recognize. In this case, the scanner emits transmit error beeps to indicate that the bar code was not successfully transmitted. RS Interface 6 – 9 Stop Bit Select The stop bit s at the end of each transmitted character marks the end of transmission of one character and prepares the receiving device for the next symbol ls4208 manual in the serial data stream. Advanced Data Formatting 14 – 9 Erase Use these bar codes to erase criteria, actions, or rules.

Scanner Emulation Interface symbol ls4208 manual – 9 Transmission Timeout The Scanner Emulation host transmits bar code data to the attached decoder and waits for the decoder to assert the Decode signal, indicating successful transmission.

The manusl line is not crossing every Move the symbol until the scan line is within bar and space of the symbol. The connectors illustrated in Figure are examples only. Keyboard Wedge Interface 5 manula 7 Keystroke Delay This is the delay in milliseconds between emulated keystrokes. Advanced Data Formatting Int The symbol ls4208 manual shall not modify, merge, or incorporate any form or portion of a licensed program with other manuap material, create a derivative work sjmbol a licensed program, or use a licensed program in a network without written permission from Motorola.

The laser has no up symbol ls4208 manual down scan line movement no raster.

Symbol LS Handheld Barcode Scanner

Enable Chinese 2 of 5 Disable Chinese symbol ls4208 manual of The parity value of received characters is verified against the parity parameter selected above. Scan the appropriate bar code below to set the scanning mode. When Symbol ls4208 manual Bar Codes With Unknown Characters is selected, all bar code data is sent except for unknown characters, and no error beeps sound on the scanner.

Note that using the standard data editing functions also creates ADF rules. The scanner includes the following variations of the scanner: The number of stop bits selected one or two depends on the number the receiving terminal is programmed to accommodate.

Maintenance Cleaning the exit window is the only maintenance required. The default Laser On Time is 3.

Do not select any code length to symbol ls4208 manual code types of any length. To implement this, first enter an ADF rule that sybol to the normal situation, such as: When disabled, EAN-8 symbols are transmitted as is.

This parameter is activated by Send commands. There are five features: I agree to the Terms and Privacy Statement. Scan the appropriate symbol ls4208 manual code below to enable or disable ISBT When the scanner symbol ls4208 manual removed from the stand, it automatically switches modes to operate in its normal hand-held triggered mode. Revision History Changes to the original manual are listed below: Table of Contents Chapter 6: Note that this may decrease decoding aggressiveness on some symbols.

Motorola Symbol LS4208 Product Reference Manual

This may be useful when the scanner is decoding more than one code type. Send Data Send all data that remains, send all data up to a specific character selected from the Alphanumeric Keyboard on symbol ls4208 manualor send the next N characters.

When scanning using a single-line scan mode, ensure the scan line crosses every bar and space of the symbol. Select increasing levels of security for decreasing levels of bar code quality.

The host computer accepts the keystrokes symbol ls4208 manual if they originated from symbol ls4208 manual keyboard. Scan End of Message on page If the symobl type is not listed, see Alternate Numeric Keypad Emulation on page The connectors may be different than those illustrated, but the steps to connect the scanner are the same.

The connectors illustrated in Scanner Emulation Interface 10 – 5 Parameter Pass-Through The Scanner Emulation host can process parameter bar code messages and send them to the attached decoder. Synapse Adaptive Connectivity allows for connectivity to interfaces above and many non-standard interfaces. NOTE Interface cables vary depending on configuration. The scanner issues a standard decode beep upon successfully decoding the bar manaul.

Symbol Technologies Scanner LS User Guide |

An ADF rule modifies bar code data before it is sent to the symbol ls4208 manual to ensure compatibility between bar coded data and the host application. If the scanner does not detect an attached Synapse cable, it reports Synapse not attached.

Plan ahead before you start scanning.