DANGER:Always unplug the treadmill before cleaning or removing the motor cover. Use this treadmill only for its intended use as described in this manual. Home and Commercial Treadmill. Diagnostic and Service Manual. Dt. Addendum. Version C For Technical Service Call 1-()-LANDICE. To start your Landice treadmill: Pressing the START button powers up the treadmill and all displays will light. The treadbelt will begin moving at mph.

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lanndice Repair Procedures Take-up Roller 7. Page 29 Landice l7 manual Figure Remove your toolbox and set the treadmill on the ground. Page 91 Drive Motors- 1.

On L8 and L9 models, a yellow warning label is visible on the deck from the rear of the treadmill when the treadbelt is not tracked correctly.


The calculated target heart rate displayed before you start the test is derived from statistical heart rate capacity averages. Drive Motor Repair Procedures Figure Race Mode screen displays your goal, pacer time, your previous and landice l7 manual times, and the Exit Program button.

Plug Treadmill into landice l7 manual outlet. This screen allows you to: If you have no power to the upper console, use a voltmeter to measure VAC from the outlet.

Page 95 Executive Treadmill Operation 3. The treadbelt stops moving and the speed display flashes 0. This connects Choke to SCR.

Landice Treadmill Manuals

Carefully turn treadmill onto its side to gain access to elevation leg mounting brackets. Landice uses a stiffer belt on Club models to increase treadbelt landice l7 manual. The treadmill enters Manual Mode.

Find the symptom in Table To navigate the list use the up and down keys to move between the selections and press the button to enter the START selection. Swap the left and right connections. Page 66 Landice has adjustment on the landice l7 manual roller to correct for this type of problem. Page 27 Installation 3. Preset race distances available are: Finally, in the rarest of cases, on home treadmills, a faulty relay board can cause an OS. The nylon spacer is not removed from the post. Landice l7 manual Tracking Adjustment Note: The DC output is linear to the speed the motor landice l7 manual rotated.

Page 72 Cardio Treadmill Operation 6. Motor Cover Repair Procedures 7.

Landice L Series Diagnostic And Service Manual

Upper display lights, treadbelt moves, speed will not increase Troubleshooting 6. If vacuuming does not remove dirt, Landice recommends the use of a medium stiff manaul bristle brush to remove dirt trapped in treadbelt surface. This will be clearly marked on all packing slips and Invoices and an ARS tag to pay for its return will be included with the landice l7 manual s.

The left and right arrows move between motivational landice l7 manual.

Landice Technical Manuals | Treadmills, Ellipticals & Bikes | Landice

Page landicf – PT4: Treadmill Program Capabilities The treadmills have the following program capabilities: Plug the treadmill power landice l7 manual into its outlet.

Remove Display Console from box. Line landice l7 manual manua, upright leg side covers and firmly snap them into place. On the Pro Trainer these keys are used to enter values. Disconnect all wires from the capacitor. Remove the cord from the power inlet. Reconnect the Elevation Motor wires.

Press down arrow for elevation until motor stops moving.

You will be directed to the Workout Totals Screen, which displays your workout totals from the current day and your best workout totals only in Client Mode.