22 Jan CSA Standards Update Service. B January Title: Natural gas and propane installation code. Pagination: pages (xiv. 23 Feb B (R) – Natural gas and propane installation code This is the fourteenth edition of CSA B, Natural gas and propane. 27 Nov Enbridge’s Jeremy Salazar updates HRAI contractor division (GTA chapter) members on recent changes to CSA B, the Natural Gas.

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Csa b149.1-10 a first step, B The mechanical ventilation shall be electrically interlocked to shutdown the engine in the event of failure of the exhaust system, or means shall be provided to b1491-10 room before the engine is started.

If a double csw metalthimble is used, the same requirements shall apply, except that the thimble shall be at least 6 in mm larger in diameter than the csa b149.1-10. A typical type is fsa T-bar-constructed suspended ceiling. For the purposes of installation of pressure regulators with a leak limiting csa b149.1-10, a ventilated space should not be considered a confined space. Notes to figures and tables, however, areconsidered part of the figure or table and are written as mandatory requirements.

January 54A B Induced draft — a mechanical draft produced by a device downstream from the combustion csa b149.1-10 of an appliance.

Revised Contents, Clauses 1. January 29 Replaces p.

CAN/CSA-B149.1-05 Natural gas and propane … – CSA Group

As always, b1499.1-10 of the Code must consider b19.1-10 entire Code and any csa b149.1-10 amendments. Flue baffle — see Baffle. Flue — an enclosed passageway b1499.1-10 conveying flue gases. Normal operation shall be considered the provision of 10 Btuh 3 kW per brakehorsepower for 4-cycle engines cas 13 Btuh 4 kW per brake horsepower for 2-cycle engines. Regulator sizing shall be subject to theminimum available inlet supply pressure.

Special venting system — a venting system certified with the appliance and either supplied or specified by the appliance manufacturer. The cs ventilation shall be in operation when theengine csa b149.1-10 running, and the room shall be ventilated before and during any repairs to the engine.

Chimney draft — the available natural draft of the chimney measured at or near the base of the chimney. Slide-in camper — an accommodation body that fits into a standard vehicle and is designed to be easily csa b149.1-10.

The relieving pressure setting of the line relief device shall be not higher than that of the lowest-rated component or accessory located downstream. Csa b149.1-10 regulator — a pressure regulator installed on a service line to control the pressure of the gas delivered to the customer.

Not Logged In Member?: Csa b149.1-10 to figures and tables, however, are considered part of the figure or table and may be written as mandatory requirements. Flame csa b149.1-10 — see Baffle.

They were placed on your computer when you launched this website. New editions of the Code were csa b149.1-10 published in,, and Circumstances can require test pressures and test durations in excess of those shown csa b149.1-10 the Table.

Csa b149.1-10 brickwork or other noncombustible material shall provide not less than 8 in mm of insulation between the thimble and the combustible material.

Inspection shall be adequate to confirm that sound joints have been made.

The purpose of a note is to separate csa b149.1-10 the text explanatory or informative material that is not properly a part of this Code. View in Fullscreen Report. This requirement shall apply to engines of all inputs, and the ventilation openings shall be arranged tominimize short circuiting of the exhausted and make up air streams. Wash-mobile — a mobile outdoor unit that uses propane-heated water, or a solution, for the purposeof cleaning. Damaged cylindrical pieces shall be cut out and replaced.

Visit FileOpen to see the full list. Tent trailer — a vehicular portable structure built on its own chassis and having a rigid or canvas top and side csa b149.1-10 that may be folded or otherwise condensed for transit. Draft regulator barometric damper — a draft-control device intended to stabilize the natural draft in an appliance by admitting csa b149.1-10 air to the venting system.

Such a walkway shall be located adjacent to the appliance and control panels, and when the appliance is located on a csa b149.1-10 roof, the walkway shall extend from the appliance to the point of access and be equipped with guardrails so that the appliance can be safely accessed and serviced; b the clearance between the appliance and the edge of the roof or other hazard shall csa b149.1-10 at least 6 ft 2 m ; and c if the appliance is enclosed, such an enclosure shall permit easy entry and movement, be of reasonable height, and have at least 2 ft mm clearance on either csa b149.1-10 of the service access panel of each csa b149.1-10 in the enclosure.

Annex Bis based on propane of 1. Factory-built chimney — see Chimney. Drip pocket drip — a pocket in a piping system designed for the collection of condensate and from which the condensate can be removed. The ground shall first be prepared and provided with gravel for csa b149.1-10. Regulator — Appliance regulator — csa b149.1-10 pressure regulator located in the valve train of an appliance.

This valve shall be at the point of entry of the piping system to the building. Flame safeguard — see Combustion safety control.

Lubricated-plug-type valve — a manually operated valve of the plug and barrel type that is a provided with means for maintaining a lubricant between its bearing surfaces; b so designed that the lapped bearing surfaces can be lubricated and the lubricant level maintained csa b149.1-10 removing the valve from service; c csa b149.1-10 constructed that the lubricant can be stored in a reservoir so csa b149.1-10 to be distributed evenly over the entire lapped bearing surfaces cza the valve when the plug is rotated; csa b149.1-10 d equipped with built-in stops to limit the rotation n149.1-10 the plug to one quarter turn when fully opening or fully closing the valve.

Excess air — see Air supply. The person doing the purging shall be in direct control of the purging gas supply duringthe purging operation by means of a valve having an attached operating handle. Internal valve — a valve designed and installed so that its seat is within a tank and the arrangement of the parts of the valve is such that damage to the parts outside the tank will csa b149.1-10 prevent effective seating of the csa b149.1-10.

CAN/CSA-B Natural gas and propane – CSA Group Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Vaporizer — an appliance for converting liquid propane to vapour by means other than atmospheric heat transfer through the surface of the container. Enclosure — a secondary vsa room within or attached to a structure building in which an appliance is installed. Fast-closing valve — an automatic valve that has csa b149.1-10 closing time of less than 5 s upon being csa b149.1-10. Draft hood g149.1-10 a draft-control device having neither movable nor adjustable parts.

False ceiling space — ceiling space that is enclosed with tiles or panels that are removable csa b149.1-10 theuse of a tool. Zero governor — a regulating device that is adjusted to deliver gas at atmospheric pressure withinits flow rating.

The valve used for this purpose shall be at the point of entryof the piping system to the building. Set pressure — the csa b149.1-10 pressure for which a relief valve is set and marked.