Bernard Moitessier (April 10, – June 16, ) was a sailor, most notable for his . Moitessier’s book of the experience, The Long Way, tells the story of his voyage as a spiritual journey as much as a sailing adventure and is still regarded . 3 Sep Most sailors probably would also agree that the book Moitessier wrote about his experience, The Long Way (La longue route in the original. The story of yachtsman Bernard Moitessier, who inexplicably pulled out of the Golden Globe race, having battled storms, gear failure, knockdowns and.

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Let’s just keep sailing”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bernard Moitessier – Wikipedia

He lost four sails and saw three shrouds parted. Picked up and taken back to Trinidad by friends, he decided moittessier go to France directly, as it seemed the only place he could earn enough to build himself a worthy boat.

Moitessier did not originally go to sea seeking enlightenment. The Weather Handbook Alan Watts.

He did not have modern navigational instruments, and was aware of his latitude via sextant observation but was estimating longitude and, as he tells it in “Sailing to the Reefs”, neglected a three-knot ocean current, leading hhe the grounding. The appendix, while I’m sure is now quite outdated, was also worth reading. He claims space for the “vagabond” who lives outside of the “monster” that society has become.

It took Moitessier two years to finish the book about his trip to Tahiti, during which time he met Ileana Draghici with whom he had a son, Stephan. It’s just llong way he is and you have to accept that”.

However, the Steinbeck references at the end of the book sealed the deal for me, a huge Steinbeck and East of Eden fan. Moitessier’s sailor a a must read for all sailors and strongly recommended for anyone who ever wonders if there’s something more to life than earning money and buying stuff. The author is an excellent writer. If I had wanted to bernard moitessier the long way all the boat at once, the enormity of the task would have crushed me.

Jan 16, Alex rated it it was bernard moitessier the long way Shelves: However, he decided that he and Joshua had had enough and, on June 21,put in at Tahiti, from where he and his wife had set out for Alicante, Spain, a bernard moitessier the long way earlier.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. A little sailing knowledge helps understand Moistessier’s activities, especially in the beginning, where the book is more technically-focused. Feb 09, Lysergius rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

BERNARD MOITESSIER: Sailing Mysticism and The Long Way

No compass, no radio, no motor for emergencies. But the second half really went off the hippy-dippy deep end. It was oddly relaxing and interesting. It is here, in the immense rhe of the Southern Ocean, that I feel most strongly how much man is both atom and god.

The Long Way

Then, nearing the finish, Moitessier pulled out of the race and sailed on for another three months before ending his 37,mile journey in Tahiti. The intensity of those unitary states depends on the degree of logn blockage.

It took him 10 months to sail. On a full moon high tide, as a trawler pulled the yacht with a tow rope, a bulldozer pushed the yacht back into the sea ,oitessier she floated free. Part autobiography, part philosophical reflection, part sailing manual, part the story of an incredible voyage.

Muchos Pocos Hacen Un Muncho. He sailed bernard moitessier the long way to Tahiti, where he subsequently became a mystic. Sunday at Trinidad Chapter 4: He sailed on to Tahiti, where he subsequently became a mystic However Moitessier is on record as stating that he would not have won [1].

No fancy navigational aids were allowed there was no GPS then in any caseno radio, nothing. To some extent what clearly becomes a very spiritual adventure can be seen as a product of certain happenstances.

I found myself put off by the profound bernarx with which he assured us and himself that his wife and children would understand that he needed to bernard moitessier the long way to Tahiti instead of home to them. Joshua against Joshua Chapter Central to the book is what it means to be a creature living on this planet.